People Share Unbelievable Photos of Petrifying Trees…

In the darkest corners of nature, people are compelled to capture and reveal the astonishing imagery of trees that exude spine-chilling qualities. These harrowing arboreal entities possess a disturbing allure that sets them apart from the ordinary, leaving a deep, lingering unease in their wake.

Here are some of the most incredible photographs of this extraordinary scary tree shapes from around the world.

Lady of the Tree, Enchanted tree in the North of England.

Photo by Walks in Dreams on flickr

Whoever Put Those Eyes In The Tree: F*** You!


Found A Tree That Looks Like A Dragon


This Tree Looks Like An Ent


Kissing The Dragon On The Nose  


A Rare Horny-Tree


A Tree Enjoying A Meal


The Top Of A Tree Was Blown Off In A Storm. Now It Looks Like A Dude Out For A Stroll


This Tree Looks Like A Moose


 Face In A Tree


This Tree Looked Surprised When We Approached It


The Base Of This Tree Looks Like A Dragon!


Funny Tree


The Faces Of Trees


This Tree Stump Looks Like A Pig


 It’s Not A Tree, But Still Looks Creepy 🙂

Devil Tree


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