Timing is Everything: 50+ Jaw-Dropping Perfectly Timed Photographs

Even the best photographers know that extraordinary photos aren’t just about skills and equipment. It’s the magical combination of perfect timing and being in the right place that captures truly incredible moments.

These surprising and hilarious pictures are the ones that will bring a smile to your face when you least expect it.

1. Best Photo I Have Ever Taken


2. A human horse?

@Vladimir Levin

3. Watch Me Neigh Neigh


4. This Is The Hilarious Moment A Curious Pufferfish Managed To Photobomb An Unsuspecting Diver

@caters news agency

5. Saw this on /r/pics and thought it was perfect for here


6.  My Friend Captured The Moment The Wave Came For A Hug


7. Eclipse On A Bird’s Wing


8. How can i teach my pet this skill?


9. Oh, Good. Another “Holding Up The Leaning Tower Of Pisa” Pic


10. A fart like no other


11. My Mom Accidentally Caught Lightning When Trying To Take A Picture Of Palm Trees During A Storm


12.  Just A Pic That My Friend Took Down At The Beach The Other Day


13. So I Turned Into A Toad Last Night


14. Perfectly Timed Photo Of My Niece


15. That Mysterious Triumphant Ghost Caught In A Broken Light Bulb


16. Still Wondering Whether He Did This On Purpose Or Not


17. Perfect Timing

18. Timing Is Everything

@Reuters/David Gray

19. What Do You Mean, What’s Wrong With Her Feet?


20. Perfect Timing


21. Surprise Head

22. The Moment My Son Knew The True Power Of The Force


23. I Accidentally French-Kissed A Dog At Work Today


24. I Caught A Plane Passing In Front Of Tonight’s Super Moon


25. Just The Right Moment

26. Tony Stark’s Dog Is A Player


27. Cow Jumping Over Herding Dogs


28. I Think They Call This “Perfect Timing”


29. Took A Picture Of A Stealth Bomber Flyover, Was Not Disappointed With The Timing


30. Did You See That, What If Its Real?


31. Handle Bar Mustache


32. Coming In For A Landing


33. On Vacation In California With My Best Friend And Took A Picture With Perfect Timing


34. The Exact Moment Her Phone Was Lost Forever


35. The Waterbending Skills Are Strong With This One


36. My Sister Passed Out At The Exact Moment The Judge Said “You May Kiss The Bride”

@Kevin Kennedy Ryan

39.  My Friend Posted A New Profile Pic With Her Boyfriend, And Everyone Took A Double Take

@ Summerie

40. Tried To Take A Picture Of The Sunset While Driving And A Bird Totally Ruined My Shot


41. I’ma Kill You


42. Perfect Timing

43. Perfect Timing And Reflex

44. Oh So Majestic


45. The Moment My Older Brother Fell Into The Lake. Taken By My Sister-In-Law


46. Perfectly Timed Shot Of Godzilla


47. New Schrödinger Experiment


48. My Friend Caught The Exact Moment The Dog Ran Into Her Daughter And Pushed Her In The Pool


49. I Waited Patiently For Several Minutes For Just The Right Moment To Take The Third Photo… My Wife Wasn’t Amused!


50. My Hammock Broke


51. Caught Red Handed

52. Governor Of Michigan, Rick Snyder, Getting Kicked In The Face

53. Perfect Timing In Whistler, Canada


54. Perfectly Timed Selfie

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