Uncovering the Fascinating Story Behind an Iconic Road of Moss Covered Lava

Road of Moss Covered Lava

The Road of Moss Covered Lava Lanzarote is a unique and fascinating sight. Located on the Spanish island of Lanzarote, this road cuts through a landscape of black and gray volcanic rocks covered in a thick layer of green moss. The contrast between the rugged volcanic rocks and the soft green moss creates a stunningly beautiful landscape.

The Road of Moss Covered Lava Lanzarote is a result of a unique combination of natural factors. The black volcanic rocks are the result of past volcanic eruptions on the island, while the green moss has grown over them thanks to the unique climate of the island. Lanzarote is a dry and sunny island, with average annual rainfall of only 140mm. However, the island is also situated in the path of the trade winds that blow from the Atlantic Ocean, creating high humidity levels that allow moss to grow where it otherwise would not.

Lava fields covered in moss along the ocean road in 2018

Driving along the Road of Moss Covered Lava Lanzarote is an unforgettable experience. The road is twisty and narrow, with tall volcanic rocks towering on each side. The moss-covered rocks look almost fluffy, creating a strange and almost otherworldly atmosphere. As you drive, you can see the sun shining through the gaps between the rocks and the moss, casting light and shadows that create a constantly changing landscape.

Aerial view of the Iceland road surrounded by moss covered Lava landscape.

The Road of Moss Covered Lava Lanzarote has become a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from all over the world. There are many guided tours that take visitors along the road, providing them with interesting information about the geological and cultural history of the island. Many visitors also choose to explore the area on foot, taking hikes along the numerous paths that criss-cross through the landscape. These hikes provide a more intimate experience of the road, allowing visitors to see the details and textures of the moss and the rocks up close.

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Despite its popularity, the Road of Moss Covered Lava Lanzarote is still a fragile ecosystem that needs to be protected. Visitors are reminded to stay on the designated paths and not to disturb the moss or the rocks in any way. They are also asked not to bring food or drinks on the walks, as littering can harm the delicate balance of the area.

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