Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Hotel is one of the most iconic and lavish hotels in Singapore, standing tall at 200 meters and boasting a staggering 2,561 rooms. A resort complex that sprawls over 15 acres of prime land, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel offers a truly exhilarating experience with its world-class facilities, breathtaking views of the city skyline, and an unparalleled ambiance that exudes sophistication and opulence.


The hotel is located in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District and is known to be a top tourist destination, attracting millions of visitors every year. It is not just a place to rest your head, but a destination that offers everything from fine dining to high-end shopping, entertainment, relaxation, and indulgence.

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Marina Bay Sands has redefined the conventional concept of a hotel, offering guests facilities that rival those of entire cities. The hotel boasts a colossal convention center that can accommodate up to 45,000 delegates, making it the perfect venue for international business conferences and meetings. It also boasts the largest atrium casino in the world, comprising over 500 gaming tables and 1,600 slot machines.

One of the hotel’s most iconic features is the infinity pool on the rooftop, which offers an unrivaled panoramic view of the city. The pool is an engineering marvel, spanning across 150 meters and edges the rooftop at a height of 57 stories, providing a unique swimming experience.


Marina Bay Sands Hotel also boasts a world-class selection of restaurants that caters to different tastes and preferences. The restaurants are known for their exceptional quality, service, and presentation. They range from Italian favorites by Mario Batali, British pub fare by Gordon Ramsay, to contemporary Chinese cuisine by Tetsuya Wakuda, and much more.

Apart from fine dining, guests can also enjoy an array of entertainment options, including Broadway shows, live concerts, and other concerts. Marina Bay Sands is also home to the ArtScience Museum, which houses several globally recognized exhibitions and is dedicated to exploring the interplay between art and science.

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