Abondantus Gigantus LEGO Church Pavilion in Netherlands

 A LEGO Church Pavilion in the Netherlands

Abondantus Gigantus, one of the most distinctive art installations in the world, seized the attention of every passerby during the Grenswerk Festival in the city of Enschede, Netherlands in 2011. The fascinating structure was not a permanent church building, but actually a temporary pavilion built entirely from concrete LEGO-like blocks, resembling a towering church.


The artistic endeavor, which came into existence through the imaginative prowess of Michiel De Wit and Filip Jonker from LOOS.FM, was an iconic monument that portrayed simplicity, alignment, balance, and symmetry. The structure was named Abondantus Gigantus, marrying the Latin words ‘abundant’ (abondantus) and ‘giant’ (gigantus) to clearly reflect its profound enormity and the abundant creativity embedded in its construction.


The entire pavilion was structured after the popular LEGO blocks, adopting its distinct interlocking method. However, instead of the conventional plastic LEGO material, the construction utilized large concrete blocks (EverBlocks). The advantage of this method was a structure that could be easily assembled and disassembled without causing any damage to the blocks, facilitating its reuse for subsequent structures, consequently promoting sustainability.


Abondantus Gigantus stood at a remarkable height of 65 feet, a testament to its name. The structure meticulously simulated the design pattern of the traditional LEGO blocks, maintaining its recognizable features while presenting them on a much larger scale. It featured a grand entrance, reminiscent of a typical church, and the interior hosted an unconventional space employed for exhibiting artwork, staging performances, and hosting a variety of events during the festival.


The innovation and architectural magnificence of Abondantus Gigantus have left a lasting impression in the field of contemporary art and architecture. It is a clear demonstration of how ordinary objects like LEGO blocks could be creatively utilized, transformed into remarkable architectural installations.


Despite its temporary existence, the Abondantus Gigantus, through its unconventional aesthetic and sustainable construction method, continues to inspire architects and artists around the world. In essence, this architectural spectacle signifies the endless possibilities of creativity and innovation, a hallmark of the timeless appeal of LEGO.

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