Interesting Things People Saw Through A Window And Just Had To Share

There are folks who struck gold and snapped a picture of a one-of-a-kind view through their window. And then they shared it with the rest of the world.

1. This Wavy Road Seen From The Window Of A Plane Landing In Ft Lauderdale


2. Image Reflected From Double Glazing Window Is Aligned With A Real Image Of Sun And Clouds Behind The Pillar


3. Fighter Jet Outside My Plane Window


4. The Spider That Lives Between My Window’s Glass And Screen Is Now A Mom


5. Saw The Spacex Launch From My Window Seat As We Left The Tampa Airport


6. Back Of A Hornet’s Nest They Made On A Window


7. Sleeping Squirrels In Their Nest On Someones Window Ledge


8. Firefox Has Encountered A Windows Error


9. Spiderbro Guarding Me From Malaria Outside My Window


10. Owls Born Outside Of Office Window Won’t Stop Staring At Workers Inside


11. I Have 4 Feathered Friends Who Come By My Window Every Morning For Breakfast


12. This Owl That Flew Into The Window And Then Had A Staredown With My Cat


13. Today We Couldn’t Find Our Cat So We Looked Out The Window And


14. View From My Kitchen Window This Morning


15. Pregnant Lizard On Bathroom Window


16. This Window That Makes My Back Yard Look Like It’s In 4 Different Seasons


17. The Window Of This House I Rented Looks Like A Painting


18. This Racoon Peeping Thru My Dad’s Window At His Raccoon Figurines


19. Tiny Frog Prints On The Dew On My Kitchen Window This Morning


20. Saw An Albino Squirrel Out My Window


21. The Clouds Outside My Plane Window Look Like An Alien Landscape


22. Feral Cat Comes To My Window Daily Because I Give Him Food


23. I Have An Office Lizard That Comes To The Window For Food Every Day


24. Mirage Of Coffee Shop Window Makes It Look Like This Car Sells Pies Out Of The Boot


25. Caught The Reflection Of The Light In The Window, Looks Like Its Floating In The Sky!


26. Wasp Nest Made On Window


27. The View Of A Cemetery From My Tokyo Hotel Window Looks Like A Cityscape


28. The Window Of My Hotel Room Looks Like A Wall Painting


29. I Wake Up With The Pilot Saying Something I Don’t Understand, When I Look At The Window I Have A Wonderful Surprise


30. Reflection On Window Looks Like Massive Spaceship Landing


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