40+ Magical Rainbow Photos That People Happened To Capture

One of the most beautiful and amazing wonders of nature is the magnificent rainbow. It appears fleetingly, like a fairy tale come to life, when the sun’s gentle rays kiss the water droplets and sprinkle an array of colors across the sky.

This time, some folks online decided to share their beautiful and colorful rainbow pictures. Here are 41 of them.

1. Presenting Rainbow Doggo. She Holy


2. This Is A Fire Rainbow My Family Spotted Over The Carolinas, A Rare Event That Only Lasted A Few Moments And Is Absolutely Stunning


3. Bought A Window Prism, Immediately Discovered Treasure At The End Of The Rainbow


4. The Sky This Morning Looked Like A Rainbow Gradient


5. Went To Take A Picture Of The Rainbow And Lightning Struck At The Same Time


6. Real Life Nyan Cat


7. My Son’s Dog With A Prism Refraction On Its Tongue


8. The Sun Hit This Freshly-Paved Tarmac Just Right And Made A Real-Life Rainbow Road Through Polarized Lenses


9. Left My Christmas Lights Up. Laziness Paid Off For Once


10. Me And My Girlfriend Were Walking In The Woods The Other Week And Saw A Rainbow Pool For The First Time


11. Rainbow Kitty


12. Rainbow Bird

13.  The Reflection From My Window Decal Makes My Toilet Look Like A Quest Item In A Video Game


14. The Way My Silhouette Appears Within This Circular Rainbow


15. This Perfect Rainbow In My School’s Science Hall


16. Rainbow From The Window Lines Up Perfect On Stove


17. Quadruple Rainbow


18. A Perfectly Circular Rainbow Made By My Door’s Peephole During Sunset


19. The Light Passing Through The Prisms On My Front Door Made My Dog Look Like David Bowie


20. Found The End Of A Rainbow Today


21. Had A Perfect Prism Rainbow Projected On Our Office Floor


22. My Sweet Boy In A Rainbow


23. A Vibrant And Clear Spectrum Of Colors Refracting Through My Apparently Prismatic Window Onto My Arm


24. This Rainbow Walkway At The Miami International Airport


25. My Husband Took A Picture Of Me As I Said Farewell To 40, And Somehow I Was Gifted My Own Rainbow


26. My Kitten Stopped To Stand In A Rainbow Today


27. My Puppy Shoots Rainbows From The Rear


28. The Stained Glass Sun Roof At A Tiny Church In Texas


29. Rainbow Cat


30. This Perfectly Defined Rainbow That Shows Up On The Wall Every Sunny Day


31. This Spectrum Reflected Off The Dining Room Window Through A Chair Back


32. A Double Rainbow Perfectly Over A Hill


33. This Rainbow Around The Airplane’s Shadow


34. The Way The Red Portion Of The Spectrum Is Separated From The Rest In This Random Hotel Shower When The Sunlight Comes In


35. Lightning Striking A Rainbow, This Moment Caught On My Mom’s Cell Phone


36. When You Stop To Take A Picture Of A Rainbow And It Ends Up Being Epic


37. Rainbow Clouds


38. A Rainbow Hit My Sink At Just The Right Angle


39. Got To Play With A Pixel Stick Tonight And The Batteries Ran Out And Created This Glitched Rainbow


40. Birth Of A Rainbow (As Seen From A Plane Above The Jersey Shore)


41.  Unique Moment From Last Year. Me On Top Of The Mountain Segla, Northern Norway. 360 Degree Rainbow With A Beautiful Shadow Cast


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