Fly Geyser in Nevada Created Purely by Accident

Deep in the heart of Washoe County, Nevada, located behind a high fence and locked gate, lies the Fly Geyser. What was once a simple geothermal well drilled back in 1916, now stands as an accidental masterpiece of nature’s creation.

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The geyser first erupted in the 1960s, when the geothermally heated water found an unexpected crack. Ever since then, it has been spewing gushes of scorching hot water, reaching heights of up to 5 feet. But what truly sets the Fly Geyser apart is its vibrant and surreal appearance. It’s as if someone took a brush saturated with vivid colors and painted the entire landscape.


The striking colors of the geyser are a result of the dissolved minerals in the water, which accumulate and shape the travertine mound surrounding it. Additionally, thermophilic algae play a crucial role in creating this otherworldly palette. These heat and sulfur-resistant bacteria thrive on the boiling water, forming a magnificent display of vibrant hues.


As you gaze at this unearthly landscape, it’s hard not to imagine being transported to Jupiter’s volcanic moon, Io. The Fly Geyser evokes a sense of place that feels both alien and ancient, reminiscent of how Earth might have appeared in its early days. Photographer Christian Klepp describes it as a glimpse into the beginnings of life on Earth, with bacteria thriving amidst the extreme conditions.

Unfortunately, due to its private ownership, only a select few are granted access to witness this natural wonder in person. However, through the lens of talented photographers, the beauty of the Fly Geyser has been captured and shared with the world.

[Image source: Inge Johnsson | Buy Full Print]

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