21 Times This People Will Make You Faith In Humanity Again

Seriously, what is wrong with us, human beings, lately?!

Sometimes there’s a serious need to remind ourselves that it’s not all bad. Here are some images that will show you that there is still much humanity left on this planet. Still not enough?

1. Every Evening, This Man Takes His Sick Dog To A Lake Because The Water Helps His Pain Subside

@Stonehouse Hudson

2. Japanese Police Officers Helping A Duck Family Cross The Road

3. Man Saves A Drowning Kitten With An Ubrella


4. Two Norwegian Guys Rescuing A Baby Lamb Drowning In The Ocean


5.  A Boy Giving Water To The Officers

@Bishop M. Cromartie

6. Dad Puts His Kid Under His Umbrella


7. Shaq And Officers Playing Basketball With Children After Reports Of Them Playing Too Loudly

@Gainesville Police Department

8. A Guy Casually Helping A Woman With Her Luggage


9. 9-year-old Boy Created A No-kill Animal Shelter In His Garage

10. Police Close The Highway In Germany To Rescue A Fawn Who Got Lost

11. Heroic Boy Risks His Life To Save A Drowning Baby Deer From Floodwaters In Bangladesh


12. Kid Helps Bunny Climb Sculpture

13. These Kids In Canada Tied Coats To Street Poles To Help Homeless Prepare For Winter

@Tara Smith-Atkins

14. Kids Do What They Feel. These Two Strangers Just Hugged In A Fast Food Restaurant


15. This Young Filipino Girl Trying To Keep Her Puppy Safe During A Flood

16. My Son Said There’s Some Kids In His Class That Don’t Eat Their Lunch. “How Come?” “Cause They Don’t Have One, Mommy. Can I Bring Them Some Of Mine?” Totally His Idea, And He Helped Pack It, Too

17. My Daughter Asked Me If She Could Sell Her Stuffed Animals And Donate The Money To Our Local Spca


18. Homeless Boy Does His Homework Using The Light From A Local Mcdonald’s

@Joyce Gilos Torrefranca

19. Little Boy Plays Video Games With His Friend Who’s Stuck In Quarantine At The Hospital

20. This 5-Year-Old Girl Sneaked A Baby Cow Into Her Home To Cuddle With It

@Billie Jo Decker

21. 6-Year-Old Rescues 8 Ducklings From Drain Pipe

@Inside Edition

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